EnWave Corp.

EnWave Corporation offers industrial-scale dehydration technology for commercial applications in the food and pharmaceutical spaces. EnWave's proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum ("REV™") platforms offer flexible, efficient processing suitable for food products and biomaterials. EnWave's mission is to establish its REV™ technology as the new global dehydration standard: faster and cheaper than freeze drying, with better quality than air drying or spray drying.

Company Objectives

Introduction of a global standard for dehydration and replacement of the expensive deep frozen dehydration. REV Tecnology is faster and more cost effective than depp frozen dehydration and the product has a much higher quality and texture than the normal air or spray drying. EnWave wants to start to generate significant revenues in 2014 and wants to be profitable in 2015.


Data & Facts

Outstanding shares: 90.8 Mio.
Fully Diluted: 101.4 Mio.
Management/Board – 7%  
Six major shareholders – 38%  
Distributed/Retail – 55%  


Head Office: EnWave Corporation
  Suite 425
  744 West Hastings Street
  Vancouver, B.C.
  Canada V6C 1A5
Management: Dr. Tim Durance, Director, President & CEO
  John P.A. Budreski. Executive Chairman
  Mary C. Ritchie Director, Chair of Audit Committee
  Dr. Gary Sandberg, Director
  Dan Henriques , Chief Financial Officer, Chartered Professional Accountant B.Sc. Honours
  Brent Charleton, SVP, Business Development BA, Dip. Tech. Marketing Management, CFA Level 3 Candidate
  Dr. Stewart Ritchie, Director
  Hugh McKinnon, Director
  Bino Anand, Senior Vice President, Sales
  Richard Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Business Development
  Leon Fu, SVP, Manufacturing & Chief Engineer, B.Eng. Electronics
  Dr. John Zhang, SVP, Research & Development
  Dr. Rehaineh Noorbakhsh, Director of Research & Development, Biomaterials, Ph.D. Food Science

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