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Batteries conquer the world

The further development of battery technology facilitates and changes our lives. The raw materials required for this include lithium and cobalt

Many things can be handled more easily with rechargeable batteries and thus without annoying power cables. This applies, for example, to hand vacuum cleaners - which are still available in addition to the suction robots - but also to gardening aids. Whereas some time ago battery devices had to be charged often and were also less powerful than their cable counterparts, these times are now over.

Lawn mowers or hedge trimmers with rechargeable batteries are now replacing conventional equipment. Noisy petrol engines should soon be a thing of the past. Lithium-ion batteries have become a bestseller. Smaller, lighter and more powerful every year, the recipe for success of rechargeable batteries continues to advance. The batteries also power smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

In the automotive industry it is clear that alternative modes of driving such as electric motors with lithium-ion batteries will be the drives of the future. Great Britain does not want to register any more new cars with combustion engines from 2040. And Paris is supposed to be a city without diesel and gasoline engines as early as 2030. If progress is still being made on the range and price side of electric vehicles, then the classic combustion engines will probably be the losers.

Companies such as First Cobalt or Infinity Lithium, which have the raw materials required for the batteries on their projects, will certainly find enough customers. First Cobalt - - has three projects in North America and a cobalt refinery there. The first production could start in 2019. First Cobalt now has 100 percent sole ownership of the Iron Creek project.

When it comes to lithium, there is no getting around Infinity Lithium -, because the company controls 50 percent of a huge lithium deposit in Spain. The goal of producing lithium in battery quality is being pursued jointly with Valoriza Mineira. It would be the first lithium production in Europe and production is expected to start in 2020.

Current company information and press releases from First Cobalt (

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