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Gold as an incentive to lose weight

Perhaps some people's kilos would fall faster if they were rewarded with real gold - this is what is now happening in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai City Council has just poured out 56 kilograms of gold. For every kilo of weight that was demonstrably lost, the overweight resident in question received one gram of gold. This was the result of the largest health initiative in Dubai. The BMC Health Report 2012 revealed that the United Arab Emirates ranked sixth in the list of the most overweight people. As expected, the USA came in first.

In 2013, the "Your Weight in Gold" initiative was launched, initially only adults were able to participate. After the first year, gold bars worth around 760,000 US dollars were distributed to the successful citizens of Dubai. Then children and young people were also allowed to participate, with even two grams of gold per kilogram of weight lost waving.

In total, more than 10,000 people took part in the programme. In the end, 2.35 million US dollars or 56 kilograms of gold found their way to the inhabitants of Dubai. So gold can bring joy in many ways. Due to the current uncertainties, the precious metal could once again increasingly live up to its name as a safe haven.

After all, the trade dispute still weighs on people's minds, there are also discussions about a crisis in the emerging countries and in Turkey the currency seems to be falling further into the abyss. However, a somewhat firmer US dollar is still holding the gold price at around 1,200 US dollars per troy ounce. Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to invest part of the portfolio in gold and in gold companies for greater profit opportunities.

Here Steppe Gold or GoldMining would be of interest. Steppe Gold - - wants to become one of the leading precious metal companies in Mongolia with its ATO gold project. Construction of the mine and the heap leach project is in full swing, with gold production scheduled to start in 2018. Initially, production is expected to reach 40,000 ounces of gold equivalent per year at low cash costs of less than US$350 per ounce of gold.

GoldMining - - has built up a considerable portfolio of projects in low-cost mining regions (Brazil, Alaska, Canada). According to H.C. Wainwright & Co., the company's resources are significantly undervalued and the investment company recommends GoldMining stock for purchase. Several million ounces of gold resources should ensure success.

Current company information and press releases from Steppe Goldand GoldMining.

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