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Hydrogen and platinum for clean power generation

Innovative hydrogen storage technologies are being researched in South Africa. Power generation with platinum catalysts is the topic

Cost-effective hydrogen storage systems for fuel cell vehicles and portable applications are still dreams of the future, but who knows, perhaps this will create a way of generating energy in a meaningful way. China plans to produce two million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2030. And in Germany, the world's first hydrogen fuel cell train has just been put into operation.

A large platinum company is already investing together with Shell Technology in the development of hydrogen compression technology. As the name suggests, these platinum electric vehicles need platinum as a raw material.

Sibanye-Stillwater - - is the largest platinum metal producer in North America. At the same time, the company is one of the major gold producers. With its properties in South Africa and the USA, Sibanye-Stillwater generated 24 percent higher consolidated turnover in the first half of 2018 than in the comparable period of 2017.

Another raw material that should not be underestimated, namely copper, is used in the automotive industry. A car with a petrol engine needs about 25 kilograms of copper, a fuel cell or electric car more than 70 kilograms of the reddish metal. This is where copper companies such as Copper Mountain Mining come into play.

In addition to the large producing Copper Montain Mine in British Columbia -, Copper Mountain Mining owns the Eva Copper Project in Australia. According to Gil Clausen, President and CEO, the current feasibility study clearly shows the quality and size of the project.

Current corporate information and press releases from Sibanye-Stillwater ( and Copper Mountain Mining (

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