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Physical precious metals as a supplement to mine titles

Depending on the individual investment strategy, a certain stock of coins or bars may be a useful addition to the individual portfolio. And if you want to buy physical precious metal online, you can find a large selection of online shops. But how does the interested investor know if a precious metals dealer is also reliable?

Gold mining shares and other investments in the mining industries are known to be acquired through the bank where you have your depot. If you would like to buy physical gold, the situation is different: advance payment is usual here. This raises the question of security. On the one hand the dealer carries the shipping risk, on the other you can hear again and again of fake shops or counterfeit gold.

Here the german price comparison portal offers a comprehensive service. Investors can buy physical precious metals there in the form of coins or bars at reasonable prices, as the portal compares the prices of established precious metal traders. The price differences of the offers can be considerable, so that a price comparison is always worthwhile.

In addition to gold there are also silver, platinum and other precious metal products listed. An extensive library of basic knowledge on physical precious metal investments as well as helpful tools complete the offer. Buyers have the best possible security when buying on because all precious metal dealers listed are tested according to strict criteria and carry the seal " certified". In addition to German dealers, Austrian dealers and Swiss branches are listed on the portal as well.

Bullion coins such as the Krugerrand or Maple Leaf, as well as gold bars in sizes of 10 and 100 grams are currently very popular with gold investors. Silver investors often choose 1 oz bullion coins like Maple Leaf and Kangaroo or one kilo bars.

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