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Silver Report 2018 + Updates + Additional Stocks

The existing, blatant undervaluation of silver compared to gold will dissolve!

What's better than gold? - Right: Silver! At least if one takes a closer look at some fundamental data such as the ratio of gold to silver production and at the same time the ratio of the gold price to the silver price or the degree of industrial use of the two metals. Because then you quickly realize that silver has an enormous potential to catch up with gold.

We see silver not only as an industrial metal, but also as indispensable for the solar industry and as a high-tech metal. Silver turned into a supply deficit in 2016 and will remain there, leaving room and opportunities for future price developments. Silver is becoming increasingly important for antibacterial applications, allergy sufferers, textiles, cosmetics, high-tech industry, power lines, solar industry and also in electric vehicles. Demand is constantly increasing, although supply is not keeping pace, as silver is in the majority of cases only a by-product in base metal production. China has launched a US$100 billion solar program in the last 5 years plan, which will require a lot of silver, because between 10 and 14 grams of silver are used in a solar cell. Not to forget the value of silver as a means of preserving value and replacing money, as well as for hedging against extremely bad times. If the global financial systems can no longer withstand the money pressure orgies of the central banks and collapse, the one who owns silver ounces has a clear advantage in being able to provide himself and his family with the most necessary food. One should not assume the worst, but physical silver and also gold should calm down before possible future upheavals. It is more important to look positively into the future and silver companies can achieve good returns. When silver marches north again, silver producers have an enormous leverage on the silver price and are excellent investments. This Silver Report presents some interesting companies that are suitable for speculation on rising silver prices. By means of a general part and an interview the necessary basic knowledge is given to the hand.

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