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EnWave + Gold: Overdue consolidation – Burdened by FED’s interest increase fantasies! + Fission Uranium + Caledonia Mining + MAG Silver + Helicopter Money in Euro-countries? – More substantial than expected?
Top-News of the week:
In a sensational development, EnWave conquers the Australasian market!
It has been suggested in the last weeks: EnWave seems to do the first step into the profitable Asian market! Review: At the end of February 2016 EnWave announced that the company received a purchase order for a 100kW nutraREV® machine for cheese cake production. Purchaser was Gay Lea Foods, a licensee from EnWave which has been operating a similar, but much smaller 10kW nutraREV® machine for commercial cheese snack production since early 2015. Gay Lea Foods has secured the exclusive right to produce cheese snack products using Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) dehydration technology in Canada. Only a few days later the next profitable deal has been signed. This time with Ereğli Agrosan, a Turkish company that secured a license which grants Ereğli Agrosan the exclusive right to process a variety of fruit, vegetable and cheese products using EnWave’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) dehydration technology in Turkey. Ereğli Agrosan will pay EnWave a quarterly product specific royalty based on the wholesale value of the individual product offerings. In addition, Ereğli Agrosan committed for multiple purchase orders for REV™ machinery in order to retain exclusivity. The first purchase order under the License is for a small commercial REV™ machine to be installed at Eregli Agrosans facility in the spring of 2016. In the spring of 2016, a purchase order is required for a second small commercial REV™ machine.  The License further requires Ereğli Agrosan submit purchase orders for at least one 100kW REV™ machine within twelve months of the start-up of the first small commercial REV™ machine in Turkey and a second 100kW REV™ machine within three years in order to retain exclusivity. Now it seems that EnWave could receive the breakthrough into the profitable Asian market, because the company has signed a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement with a major Australasian Dairy Company (the “ADC”). The ADC will rent a small commercial-scale Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) machine to conduct a focused research program. The ADC will use REV™ technology to dehydrate dairy products with the goal of achieving significant cost savings by using REV™ technology compared to freeze drying. Even though this is only a Technology Evaluation Agreement it is however a first step into the profitable Asian market and to a massive turnover increase.
News:  ENW signs TELOA with Australasian Dairy company
Video:  John Budreksi Interview VRIC 2016


Market Watch:
Gold: Overdue consolidation – Burdened by FED’s interest increase fantasies!
The gold price showed some overdue consolidation and made it – from an indicator perspective - back into the green lights. There is now some strong support at around 1,180 to 1,200 US$. The yellow metal should not drop below that mark to continue the short term upward trend. The main reason for the recent decrease of the gold price are interest-bullish comments from FED-members which indicate another step-up in interest rates next month. We already pointed out that such statements seem to be not more than another new and fanciful smoke grenade. Neither the US-economy nor the US debt clock will allow another increase of US interest rates. Although a few one-hundreds of one percent may always be possible to settle markets. Gold ETFs showed an increase of 9.785 million ounces to 56.775 million ounces since the beginning of the year. This marks the highest increase since the financial crisis of 2008/09! The main reasons for this may be the growing disbelief in the allegedly good constitution of the world wide economy and the high volatility at the financial markets. In the face of the variety of geopolitical and economical problems, this trend may continue. The platinum group metals also looked better in the last days. China imported 10.1 tons of platinum in January, which was nearly twice as much as in January 2015. Palladium showed a similar trend: The Chinese palladium imports included 2.6 tons in January, an increase of 90% in comparison to January 2015 and of around 150% in comparison to December 2015.
Video:  Gold is getting real

Company News:
Fission Uranium extends mineralized trend once more!
After Fission Uranium had been able to nearly close the gap between the Triple R deposit and the R1620E zone on its Patterson Lake South Uranium Project, and therefore to extend the mineralized trend to 2.53 km, the company further widened the total length to 2.58 km a few days ago. A 45m step out to the west of the fast-growing, shallow and high-grade R840W zone, has hit 41.0m total composite mineralization, including 4.79m of total composite >10,000 cps. Also, three more drill holes intercepted significant mineralization. Therewith Fission Uranium’s success story continues, which makes it more and more interesting for some major companies.  
News: Fission increases mineralized strike length

Caledonia Mining announces positive operating and financial results
Caledonia Mining recently announced its operating and financial results for 2015. Net profit was 4.78 million US$. Gold production was approximately 42.800 ounces of gold, which is 2% higher than expected. AISC increased from 969 to 1,038 US$ due to the increased sustaining capital investment. At the end of the year, the company had some 10.88 million US$ in cash. Caledonia Mining expects a production rate of 50,000 ounces of gold in 2016 and of approximately 65,000 ounces of gold in 2017. This could be achieved by the recently commenced production from below 750 meters. All by all Caledonia Mining plans to increase its production to approximately 80,000 ounces of gold in 2021.
News: Caledonia Q4-2015 and final results 2015

MAG Silver receives a market capitalization of more than 1 billion CA$!
Within the last week, MAG Silver received a market capitalization of more than 1 billion CA$. This kind of market capitalization is very unique for a commodity company that doesn’t have a production, yet. Surprisingly, the most recent financing of around 74.8 million US$ didn’t have a negative effect on the share price rising. Anyway, MAG silver now has enough equity-ratio to finish the mine construction. With more than 600 grams of silver per ton, from 2018 on the Juanicipio Mine will be one of the precious metals mines with the lowest all-in-costs worldwide.
Video Interview: CEO George Paspalas Toronto PDAC 2016
Video Interview:  COO Dr Peter Megaw PDAC 2016

Rumours Corner:
Helicopter Money in Euro-country? – More substantial than expected?
At the moment there is one term haunting through Europe: Helicopter Money! The concrete idea is to transfer an amount X to every citizen of the Eurozone, which shall be consumed and thereby boost the economy and inflation. Helicopter Money is not a brand-new term. Around 15 years ago, ex-FED-boss Ben Bernanke advised Japan to let money rain from a helicopter down on cities to get over its long-term deflation phase. It sounds like some kind of satire, but now exactly this scenario seem to be positioned in the FED’s mind. Especially in Mario Draghi’s head, who indicated the idea of helicopter money as a “very interesting concept”. So, will we get 1.000 Euros each by next Christmas? Anyway: With the establishment of the SEPA-System and the legal fixing that every Euro-citizen has the right to own a bank account, a first step has been made. Therefore 340 billion Euros could be circulated and spend. Best for shopping at Amazon, so that the money will flow back into the US. Or maybe for one ounce of gold? What would you do with your helicopter money? The fact is: To waste only one thought to such an absurd instrument is evidence of the fact that all other ideas have flopped. The Euro seems to make his last breath whereat morphine will not be the way to save him. 

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