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The world finance system is facing massive uncertainty and risk making it imperative that one has wide-ranging knowledge about alternative investment opportunities. Ensure your financial future by taking control. Diversification is the means to survive the current and future market difficulties with a specific focus on value investing such as quality stocks, precious metals and resources in general. 

We assist you and deliver clear and concise information pertaining to the precious metals and the resource sector as well as selected mining companies. Through our new developed multimedia channels like the exclusive Resource-TV you have access anytime and anywhere in the world to comprehensive data and information as well as access via our log in function to the free research area of our website.

Via exclusive events and one-on-one meetings we offer interested investors in many countries the opportunity to get direct information from and personal access to the management of various mining companies.



Swiss Resource Capital AG is your partner entering the mining industry. We also work very closely with successful investment funds and asset managers. SRC has a worldwide professional network of experts and unique access to financings, allowing investors to be part of a company at early stages. Ongoing analysis, monitoring and contact with the management and site visits of selected projects keeps us abreast of promising investment opportunities in the resource sector. Our news distribution system keeps you all the time informed and up to date about the latest developments.

Bryan R.  Henry

Bryan R. Henry

Senior Investment Advisor
@ PI Financial Corp.

Oliver Gross

Oliver Gross


Alistair  Cowden

Alistair Cowden

@ Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

Dan Fraser

Dan Fraser

Senior Investment Advisor
@ Cygnet Capital Australia

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